The Town Hall – a station on the Route Charlemagne


The Route Charlemagne connects significant sites in Aachen’s city centre that have stories to tell about the history of the town and about events that had an impact on everyday life all over Europe, past events that continue to shape our future. These locations – the Town Hall, the Cathedral, the Elisenbrunnen with its Archaeological Showcase, the Grashaus, the International Newspaper Museum and the Super C – each represent a major theme, from “power” and “spa culture” to “science”. The central starting point of the Route Charlemagne is the “Centre Charlemagne – New City Museum of Aachen”, located on the Katschhof between the Town Hall and the Cathedral.

The route is named after Charlemagne, who built his favourite seat of power in Aachen around 800 – as the centre point of an empire that stretched over vast areas of the European continent.

The Town Hall represents the theme “power”.


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