Information for visitors

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Town Hall

52062 Aachen
Tel. +49 241 432-7310

Opening hours

Daily 10 am – 6 pm


Admission for adults is 6,00 Euro (concessions 3,00 Euro).
Admission to all communal museums is free for guests aged 21 and under.


Museum card “Six for six”: For 14,00/10,00 Euro you get one admission each to the Suermondt Ludwig Museum, the Ludwig Forum, the Centre Charlemagne, the Couven Museum, the International Newspaper Museum and the Town Hall, valid for a period of six months. The Museum Card is available in all Aachen Museums and can also be ordered by +49 241 432-4922, -4923 en -4925 or e-mail to:

Restricted access

Because the Town Hall is still used as such, not all of its rooms are open to the public. You can find tips and information in the Town Hall Calender.

Guided tours for the general public (01.04. – 31.12.)

Times: Saturdays and Sundays at 10.30 am
Language: D
Meeting point: Town Hall foyer
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Prices: individual visitors 10,- euro / (incl. admission) concessions 7,50 euro

Guided tours for groups after booking with aachen tourist service

Times: by arrangement
Languages: D, GB, F, NL, E, I, RUS, RO, PL
Meeting point: by arrangement
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Prices: 70,- euro plus Town Hall admission fee / 18,- euro additional fee for foreign languages
Participants: groups of max. 25 individuals

aachen tourist service e.v.
Tourist Info Elisenbrunnen
52062 Aachen
Tel. +49 241 18029-60 / -61